Stains/Colours Woodoc

For a more realistic colour display refer to our photos on our Facebook site “Benny’s Creative Woodworkz”.
Woodoc Stain & Colours System includes 8 natural wood colours, as well as 20 translucent fashion Colours, specifically formulated for use with clear 1 liter Woodoc 50 Sealer. - See more at: http://www.woodoc.com/house-of-woodoc

a) Woodoc Stains: (Meranti, Imbuia, Oregon, Oak, Yellowwood, Rosewood, Ebony, Teak).

Note: Use Woodoc natural Stain Concentrates only to tint clear Woodoc Sealers.

b) Woodoc Colours: (Sun Gold, Sunrise, Claret, Inky Blue, Deep Plum, Seaweed, Full Moon, Aquamarine, Buttermilk, Opal, Mocca, Kalahari Red, Sweet Grass, Cocoa, Mulberry, Summer Storm, Spanspek, Knysna Green, Deep Blush, Gentle Green).

Directions: Use 25ml Woodoc Stain/Colour on 1 liter Woodoc Sealer Gloss

Note: Woodoc Colours is a range of translucent colours which allow the natural grain of the wood to shine through, without compromising the sealing and protective quality of Woodoc Sealers.

Remark: Because the natural colour and absorbency of woods differ, Woodoc Colours and Stains can vary on application. Please refer to Woodoc literature on http://www.woodoc.com/house-of-woodoc

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